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Practice Page

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Let's upload a video:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFKi_xd8nTQ  (place link or go to link and place embed code)



Let's upload a document:



Let's put in a link to another page:  (click return, and then click on a link on the right to insert the link you want to go to.....otherwise you can click on "Insert a link to a new page" and put in a web address............so very simple!

Assessment Information-Resources






Here is a page for you to just play around.  practice embedding a video or using one of the applications (wallwisher, glogster, etc.).  You can also practice uploading a file (picture, word document, pdf, etc.) and placing it on this page.  This is a place to experiment and make any mistakes or just get to a point that you need to post a question on the Discussion Board…. or comment at the bottom of this page so that you practice or get  answers before you create your own page... or even start your own wiki for your students.   You will see how easy it is to use the applications, then you create your own bio page or a page with a specific purpose in mind.  Make sure, after you create your own page, that you store it in a folder.  Otherwise it could get lost…..or become, as we call lost pages, an orphan.    



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