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Use this page so that you can link to the forums on various topics.  Think of a forum as a place where lots of topics are being discussed with a particular over all focus.  An example might be "Indicator 13" where you might have the following topics being discussed:   Services, Agency Resources, Assessments, Goals, etc.  Once you enter the forum you can click on the topic of choice and then participate in the topic discussion.  When you click on the topic , you can either:


1.  Start  a new thought, question, etc. for discussion by clicking on the grey box that reads "start a new topic" or... 

2.  You can click on an underlined topic heading and then click again on the light grey topic title to add your comment in the reply box.  After you post your comment don't forget to click reply.  


 It really is easy to use and increases collaboration within our group!  Get started now by by following the above directions and then checking back in to see the various posts/replies.

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